Community Descriptions

Language Proficiency in the Regulatory Context

This community was established in 2014 to facilitate a discussion regarding the role of language proficiency – and by extension, communicative competence - within the regulator’s mandate. Topics include best practices for fair and defensible entry-to-practice assessment of internationally-educated professionals, as well as facilitating workplace integration through the improvement of communication abilities.


Andrea Strachan, Director, Communication Competency Program at the Touchstone Institute


Deborah Wolfe, Executive Director, National Committee on Accreditation and Law School Programs, Federation of Law Societies of Canada




The Investigations and Hearings Community of Interest was originally established in 2015 to bring together those individuals who share an interest in case law and its applicability to Canadian regulatory practices. It acts as a support group for those working in the field, through quarterly telephone exchanges and an exclusive online area for participants to post and respond to questions, discuss disclosures, complaints, and provincial initiatives.


Richard Steinecke, Partner at Steinecke Maciura Leblanc, Barristers and Solicitors



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